Imizamo Yethu residents reject City of CT's super-blocking project

More than 300 residents chanted outside the Cape Town Civic Centre in protest against super-blocking and demanded basic services.

Residents from Imizamo Yethu protest outside the Cape Town Civic Centre. Residents protested against the ongoing super-blocking process in the informal settlement. Picture: Cindy Archillies/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A community leader in the Dontse Yakhe section of Imizamo Yethu has reiterated residents are not in agreement with the City of Cape Town’s “super-blocking” efforts.

More than 300 residents chanted outside the Cape Town Civic Centre earlier on Tuesday in protest against super-blocking and demanded basic services including water, electricity and sanitation.

The process, which includes widening roads between rows of shacks to allow emergency vehicles to pass through, was launched following a devastating fire in the area in March.

Violent demonstrations started earlier this year when law enforcement officials removed 52 structures standing in the way of the city’s efforts to widen spaces between shacks.

WATCH: Imizamo Yethu residents protest outside Civic Centre

Wiseman Duma handed over a memorandum to city officials earlier on Tuesday.

“Our people are against the super-blocking project and the city doesn’t want to listen to us. They want to force us into accepting this project.”

The City of Cape Town has confirmed a representative in the mayor’s office has received a memorandum submitted by a group of Imizamo Yethu residents.

Mayoral spokesperson Zara Nicholson said: “We’ve assured the group that they’re welcome to join all the other community leaders who are on board and are working with the city to bring progress to Imizamo Yethu with the super-blocking project. The list of services that they’re demanding in their memorandum is precisely what the city is delivering through the super-blocking project.”

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)