ANC: Edward Zuma’s behaviour is foreign to the ANC

The ruling party says the statement deviates from the policy position of the ANC and undermines its non-racial project.

Former president Jacob Zuma's son, Edward Zuma. Picture: Twitter/@sayitasis99

JOHANNESBURG – President Jacob Zuma’s eldest son Edward has not yet retracted an open letter he wrote attacking former ministers Pravin Gordhan and Derek Hanekom.

In the missive, he referred to Gordhan as “a stooge of white monopoly capital” and Hanekom as an ‘Afrikaner Askari.’

The African National Congress (ANC) has slammed Zuma and wants him to retract the letter.

The ruling party says that the statement deviates from the policy position of the ANC and undermines its non-racial project.

The party’s Zizi Kodwa said: “We expressed our disgust, our disappointment, including that we’re embarrassed by such comments.

“The behaviour of Edward Zuma is un-ANC, so that behaviour is foreign to the ANC, worse when you accuse them and use the race card to attack the leaders of the ANC unfairly.”

He's also been criticised by the Human Rights Commission.

Kodwa said members should not be attacking one another through the media.

“Edward Zuma cannot assume him to be a super member of the ANC. He must respect the protocols of the organisation and he’s not the spokesperson for the province or a branch. His branch in KwaZulu-Natal must deal with that and we condemn it.”


In a response, Zuma's son said he is standing by the words of the open letter he wrote to Hanekom and Gordhan in which he calls them “a sell-out minority in the ANC.”

Zuma's letter was published by various media houses this week.

He said he would never change a single word in the letter.

“What is written in my letter, I stand by every sentence and word. And I mean it, I am not apologetic about it.”

About the SAHRC's decision to take action against him, Zuma said: “What freedom of expression have I violated because I was expressing my freedom of expression?”

Both Hanekom and Gordhan were fired by the president in March during his shock Cabinet reshuffle.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)