MiWay dismisses racist email as 'fake news'

In the mail an official reminds one 'Mr Nobu' of a managerial decision not to accept 90% of claims made by black people as from August of this year.

Picture: MiWay.co.za

JOHANNESBURG – MiWay insurance has distanced itself from an email screenshot in which black clients are referred to as 'baboons', with chief executive officer Rene Otto calling it 'fake news' and a 'hoax'.

In the email, which has been doing the rounds on social media, one official reminds another of a managerial decision not to take 90% of the claims from black clients, adding that this would be an opportunity to save money and 'punish these black baboons.

Otto says they will prove that the email is fake.

“Its absolute nonsense, fake news on steroids. There has never been such a decision and it’s a hoax email. I have just seen the mail myself. We are busy following the threads so we will be able to prove that it’s false and falsified.”

MiWay says as far as it's established, a disgruntled client was responsible for that email screenshot.

Otto says a client whose claim was rejected fabricated the email.

“As far as we could establish in the hour or so that we’ve been able to look into it, it was a disgruntled client who was unhappy because we couldn’t pay his claim. He had email contact with us because in the process of validating the claim, we did send the emails. That’s how he got a name of a MiWay staff member, and clearly, he thought the way to punish us was the way he did.”