Brown: Allegations of corruption against Eskom have eroded its integrity

Minister Lynne Brown said while Eskom’s performance & financial status have improved, the utility is facing serious allegations which are being investigated

FILE: Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown. Picture: Gaye Davis/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown says allegations of corruption against Eskom have eroded the company's integrity.

Brown told delegates that while Eskom’s performance and financial status have improved, the utility is facing serious allegations which are being investigated.

In recent months, Eskom has been questioned about its former CEO Brian Molefe's relationship with the Gupta family, his alleged involvement in dodgy deals and a multi-million rand pension payout.

Brown made it no secret that Eskom’s reputation has been damaged when addressing delegates at the conference.

“We all know that Eskom has been embroiled in a series of serious allegations of maladministration and corruption.”

She has told Africa’s power producers that Eskom is facing serious allegations but insists that they have not been proven in a court of law.

“None of the allegations have been proven in a court of law yet, but they have fundamentally eroded the company’s integrity and will continue to do so until they are engaged by appropriate law enforcement agencies and addressed one way or the other.”

The minister also addressed the importance of renewable energy without losing jobs, saying coal fired energy has been the backbone of the economy for generations.

says Africa’s power producers need to work together to overcome an infrastructure deficit.

Speaking at the Power-Gen Africa conference in Sandton, Brown says on Mandela Day it's important to reflect on Madiba's legacy and what it means for economic transformation.

She says a few hundred years ago, colonialists described Africa as “the dark continent”.

“Networking and information exercises such this conference, present rare opportunities for the continent’s leaders to plot a collective trajectory to lighter future.”

Eskom will be presenting its annual financial results on Wednesday where questions about Molefe's controversial pension payout are expected to be addressed.