'Metered taxi drivers must consult authorities over their issues with Uber'

Clashes broke out between the two groups, with metered taxi drivers accusing Uber of operating illegally.

FILE: Johannesburg metered taxi services in Sandton. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Police say metered taxi drivers need to take their objections on Uber up with the relevant transport authorities.

Clashes broke out between the two groups at the Sandton Gautrain station on Monday afternoon, with metered taxi drivers accusing Uber of operating illegally.

Metered taxis drivers claim their Uber rivals have become a law unto themselves and is calling on government to stop them from operating in South Africa.

One person was arrested in connection with the assault of a police captain.

The police's Kay Makhubela says the violence is endangering the lives of the very people the taxi groups are meant to serve.

“They have to contact the relevant authorities to see if they can help them to resolve their dispute, rather than getting violent and killing each other.”

Makhubela says they will not tolerate any more violence between metered taxis and Uber drivers.

“They know what to do, they know where they got their licenses and they must go to those institutions where they will be assisted with their dispute.”

He says they will do whatever is needed to keep the streets safe from any kind of intimidation and violence.

“The message is clear: we will not hesitate, we will not condone [violence and we will do our job as the police.”

Meter taxi drivers demand that Uber taxis be subject to regulations, saying the taxi- hailing app has had a negative effect on their business.