Kendall Jenner granted restraining order against aggressive fan

Jenner has been granted a restraining order against a fan sending her threatening letters.

Kendall Jenner. Picture:

LOS ANGELES - Kendall Jenner has been granted a restraining order against a fan who has been sending her aggressive letters which slammed her boyfriend A$AP Rocky and her mother Kris Jenner.

The _Keeping Up With the Kardashians _star has grown concerned in recent months after letters from Thomas Hummel began declaring his love for her before turning more aggressive, and a judge has ordered him to cease all contact and stay at least 100 yards away from her.

According to documents obtained by gossip website TMZ, Hummel branded the 21-year-old model "an internet w---e, cackling your way through life" in one letter.

He also referenced Jenner's boyfriend, US rapper A$AP Rocky, writing: "You look like you've been f---ing AHOLE Dog Sht in the sewer for years."

Another letter accused the brunette star's mother Kris Jenner of paying the _L$D _hitmaker, or "AHOLE Rockhead" as Hummel calls him, to sleep with her daughter.

He was contacted by Jenner's security in March after writing letters professing his love for her but continued penning notes a couple of weeks later, and his tone had turned darker.

Hummel also references first falling for Jenner when he spotted her out and about at a Costco in 1998 and a post office in 2008, during which times she was three and 13-years-old respectively.

Last August, the model testified against homeless man Shavaughn McKenzie following an incident where he accosted her in the grounds of her Hollywood Hills estate, but later admitted she "felt bad" for him.

Earlier this year, she said: "Is it like, weird of me though, that I feel bad for him?

"I don't think he's mentally there. I don't even know if he can control what he's doing. Like, he thinks what he's doing is normal and fine.

"Being in the public eye is pretty crazy, just because people actually feel like they know you, and they get very caught up in it. And they don't realise that they don't actually know you.

"That was my scenario. So when he came into my house, he thought it was OK. He literally talked to me like I knew who he was."

He was convicted of trespassing outside her home and sentenced to 178 days in jail but credits for good behaviour allowed his release the same day.

He was acquitted of misdemeanour stalking.