Ramaphosa: No protection for ANC members involved in state capture

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for swift action against those involved to prevent any further damage to the country.

ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa speaking at the SACP’s 14th National Congress in Boksburg on 12 July 2017. Picture: Twitter/@SACP1921

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says African National Congress (ANC) leaders and members involved in state capture will not be protected.

Ramaphosa delivered the ANC's message of support at the SACP's national congress in Boksburg.

He hit out at UK PR firm Bell Pottinger for sowing divisions in the country through its work for the Guptas.

He then turned his attention to those who believed the foreign company.

“We will not tolerate those who use our structures to defend these interests and misappropriate revolutionary soldiers as a shield against critical scrutiny.”

Ramphosa says they must know they won't be protected.

“We will not protect those within our ranks who are also involved in these activities.”

The Deputy President spent a great deal of time speaking about state capture, saying it's already damaged the country's economy.

He called for swift action against those involved to prevent any further damage to the country.

The UK company last week confirmed that its lead partner on the Gupta Oakbay Capital account was sacked and that three others were suspended.

But there are mounting calls for further action to be taken against the company - or for it to take greater accountability.

A string of leaked emails revealed that the company also helped the MK Military Veterans Association and the ANC Youth League in their campaigns to discredit critics of President Jacob Zuma and the Guptas.

The company was forced to react as it has been accused of stirring racial tension in South Africa through work it’s done for the Gupta family.

While the company issued an apology last Thursday, it seems to have done little to change many South Africans’ opinions of the infamous agency.

The African National Congress labelled the agency as “vultures”, saying it had scavenged on the country’s failures to address inequality and transform the economy.

The Democratic Alliance welcomed the agency’s apology, but says it was insincere and little more than a stunt due to mounting pressure against it.

The Economic Freedom Fighters rejected the apology, while the Freedom Front Plus vowed to lodge a criminal case against the company.

(Edited by Winnie Theletsane)