German police use water cannon to disperse G20 protesters

Thousands of protesters are expected to march in the port city of Hamburg against globalisation and ‘corporate greed and a failure to tackle climate change’.

A man stands in front of police officers as the police clears an anti G-20 protest with a water canon during a demonstration in the district St-Pauli in Hamburg, northern Germany, on 5 July, 2017, where leaders of the world's top economies will gather for a G20 summit. Picture: AFP

DUISBURG - German police used water cannon to disperse around 500 anti-capitalist protesters overnight in the port city of Hamburg where Chancellor Angela Merkel will host leaders of the G20 leading economies in a two-day summit starting on Friday.

Tens of thousands of protesters are expected to march in the city this week against globalisation and what they say is corporate greed and a failure to tackle climate change.

German authorities believe around 8,000 demonstrators were prepared to use violence, the interior minister said on Tuesday. Some 20,000 police officers will be deployed.

Hundreds of mainly young left-wing activists gathered and marched on the main street shortly before midnight on Tuesday in the first major protest ahead of the summit, which will be attended by US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Der Spiegel magazine reported that the Germany army fears protesters will use unarmed drones and that it has deployed a radar to locate any possible aerial intrusions.

A spokesperson for the German military declined to confirm the report.