Police ‘not searching for more suspects’ in London mosque attack

A 48-year-old man in a white van drove into a crowd of worshippers outside a mosque north of the city centre.

London police cordon off a crime scene where a van rammed people leaving the Finsbury Park Mosque. Picture: AFP

LONDON - Police in London say they are not searching for any more suspects in connection with Monday morning’s attack, and have confirmed it’s being investigated as an act of terrorism.

At around midnight, a 48-year-old man in a white van drove into a crowd of worshippers outside a mosque north of the city centre.

One man has died, although police say it’s not yet confirmed whether it was as a result of the attack while at least ten others were injured.

GRAPHIC: The use of vehicles - A new terror trend

Graphic on recent deadly attacks using vehicles. A van ploughed into a crowd of Muslims near a London mosque early on Monday.

Police say the suspect was detained by community members and handed over to officers.

“No matter what the motivation for this attack proves to be; we’re keeping an open mind. This is being treated as a terrorist attack.”

The Muslim community has appealed for calm, saying decades has been spent creating a peaceful and tolerant environment in Finsbury Park.

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The local Imam is being praised for protecting the attacker.

What happened on Monday morning is being widely condemned and has been described as vile and horrific.

The incident comes just over two weeks after three Islamist militants drove into pedestrians on London Bridge and stabbed people at nearby restaurants and bars, killing eight.

It also comes at a time of political turmoil, as Prime Minister Theresa May plunges into divorce talks with the European Union weakened by the loss of her parliamentary majority in an 8 June election.

She has faced heavy criticism for her response to a fire in a London tower block on Wednesday which killed at least 58 people, and for her record on security after a series of attacks blamed on Islamist militants in recent months.

One witness told CNN it was clear that the attacker at Finsbury Park had deliberately targeted Muslims.

"He tried to kill a lot of people so obviously it's a terrorist attack. He targeted Muslims this time," the witness, identified only as Rayan, said.

Other witnesses told Sky television that the van had hit at least 10 people.

Additional information by Reuters.

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