#GuptaEmails: Gigaba insists he’s done nothing wrong

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba insists none of the damning leaked documents link him to the Guptas.

FILE: Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

PRETORIA - Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba insists none of the damning leaked documents link him to the Guptas.

He also denies being involved in tender rigging with state firms, insisting he’s done nothing wrong.

He has declined to answer specific questions related to the Gupta email leaks, but says he welcomes the opportunity to address the allegations at a State Capture Commission of Enquiry.

“We should be allowed an opportunity, instead of answering to anecdote, to sit with that commission and provide answers to the allegations that have been raised. One is quite aware that the allegations are going to continue, so the Commission of Enquiry will assist us.”


Gigaba says allegations stemming from the Gupta email leaks will be better ventilated at a State Capture Commission of Enquiry, rather than being discussed at press conferences.

Gigaba adds the allegations related to the email leaks are based on conjecture.

“You’re a minister of Public Enterprises; this person was appointed on the board and therefore it means you’re implicated. The same could be applied to virtually every person alive on this earth.”

He says the best way forward is the enquiry.

“That will probe all matters related to these allegations and other allegations which have been made by other people, covering the entire government and all other business people involved and not only this one family of business people.”

Gigaba believes such an enquiry will bring closure to this matter.

On Thursday, leaked documents and emails were made public showing improper dealings in lucrative government contracts by the controversial family.

The minister’s comments on Friday afternoon follow an African National Congress (ANC) statement in which the party says its gravely concerned by media reports and wants the allegations investigated.

The latest allegations could deepen divisions in the ANC as factions battle for control ahead of a party conference in December, where President Jacob Zuma’s successor will be chosen.

Friday’s statement by the ANC appears to contradict Zuma, who said at a parliamentary session on Thursday that he’s not interested in “hearsay” published in newspapers.

Zuma has survived calls to resign from within the ANC in recent weeks due to disputes over political appointments and his friendship with the Gupta family.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)