[LISTEN] Why didn't Lynne Brown refer Eskom, Tegeta matter to Hawks?

Former SIU member Jason Jordaan explains how the Special Investigating Unit works.

CAPE TOWN - Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown on Tuesday announced the Tegeta coal deal and all Eskom procurement from 2007 would be reviewed by the Special Investigating Unit (SIU).

There's been mixed reaction to the minster's announcement, with some raising concerns about the investigation.

The SIU’s website describes the unit as "an independent statutory body that is accountable to Parliament and the president".

It adds that the unit was established by the president, conducts investigations at his request, and reports to him on the outcomes. It receives its budget through the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.

Former SIU member Jason Jordaan says the president will decide what will be investigated and how the investigation will take place.

He explains how the unit works in the audio above.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

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