Cape Town's N2 closed again as reeds set alight on freeway

Officials say reeds have been set alight along the freeway.

Picture: @CapeTownFreeway/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - A section of the N2 highway has been closed yet again.

Officials say reeds have been set alight along the freeway. It's unclear if there's been a flare-up in a service delivery protest in Khayelitsha.

The N2 incoming at Baden Powell Drive has been affected, while the outgoing lane at Mew Way has also been closed to traffic.

Cape Town Traffic Services' Richard Coleman says officials are on scene to divert traffic.

“The visibility is bad on the N2 with that smoke there. That’s why the N2 is closed.”

On Monday, a section of the N2 had to be shut due to a demonstration over electricity. It threw traffic into chaos and last week the freeway also had to be closed for several hours.

Nonkosi Hlobo says she's been living in Site C in Khayelitsha for 15 years and has never had electricity.

The Khayelitsha mother pointed to a thick wooden stick attached to the roof of her shack.

A web of wires tied to the stick are illegally connected to several shacks, including Hlobo's, with power running from a nearby house.

She says those living in informal dwellings pay neighbours living in electrified homes R600 a month to illegally connect to their power supply.

“Some of us don’t have money and we are not working. This is why we use candles and paraffin.”

Hlobo adds that with winter setting in, many locals are scared to use paraffin lamps and candles, two of the biggest causes of shack fires.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)