[WATCH] Theewaterskloof police officers pelt alleged thieves with apples

Four men who allegedly stole apples were caught in the act by police and then lined up against a cliff and pelted with the fruit.

A video screengrab of police officers pelting apples at alleged apple thieves in Theewaterskloof in the Western Cape.

JOHANNESBURG – A video of police officers in Theewaterskloof in the Western Cape who caught men who allegedly stole apples, lined them up to face a cliff and then pelted them with the fruit has gone viral.

In the video, the officers take turns grabbing handfuls of the stolen apples from their vehicle and throwing the fruit at the suspects.

The officers laugh as they throw the apples‚ taunting the men and using vulgar language.

The men were ordered not to run away as the policemen hurled the apples at them.

The video was filmed by one of the officers.