Jimmy family rejects Ford's claim of murder

The family says the offer of a car from the former Ford SA boss followed assertions that Reshall Jimmy, whose charred remains were found in his Ford Kuga, had been murdered.

Renisha Jimmy, sister of the late Reshall Jimmy who burnt to death after his Ford Kuga caught fire, briefs the media on a settlement offer from Ford in Pretoria on 24 May 2017. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

PRETORIA – The family of Reshall Jimmy, who was burnt to death in a faulty Ford Kuga, have rejected a fresh allegation reportedly made by the company's former chief executive that he was murdered before the car was set alight.

Jimmy’s sister Renisha held a briefing in Pretoria, along with her attorney and forensic pathologist, where it’s emerged the carmaker offered the family a new Ford as compensation for Jimmy’s death.

The offer has been rejected.

Jimmy burnt to death in December 2015 when the Kuga he was driving caught alight.

At least 50 such incidents have been reported since then which prompted a nationwide recall of the 1.6 litre variant of the model.

Attorney Rod Montano says former Ford chief executive Jeff Nemeth met with the family on Friday, where he made fresh allegations about Reshall Jimmy’s cause of death.

“He then has the audacity to bring up the point that Reshall had been shot in his head. In my own opinion it’s an insult to one’s intelligence and a reflection of Ford’s ridiculous attempt to shift the blame anywhere but to accept responsibility themselves.”

Forensic pathologist David Klatzow says the post-mortem states the crack in Jimmy’s skull was caused by heat from the fire.

“We can take it as an absolute certainty that there is no bullet hole in the skull.”

The family says if Ford doesn’t make an acceptable offer of compensation they will resort to litigation.

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(Edited by Masechaba Sefularo)