Frankel Eight lawyer: Right to dignity violated by the guillotine of time

Adv. Anton Katz wants the court to make an order that the Constitution be changed to ensure there is no prescription period for sexual crimes.

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JOHANNESBURG – The lawyer acting for the so-called Frankel Eight says their right to dignity has been violated by the guillotine of time.

The High Court in Johannesburg is currently hearing an application to have the law changed around sexual offences and prescription.

The eight came forward in 2013 claiming the philanthropist stock broker, Sidney Frankel, had sexually assaulted them decades ago when they were children.

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Advocate Anton Katz says having a clear cut off time of 20 years for when criminal charges can be laid in sexual offences cases adds to the horror of the crimes.

He says the guillotine of time violates his clients’ rights to dignity.

Three friends of the court: the Women's Legal Centre, the Teddy Bear Clinic and Lawyers for Human Rights are suggesting variations to this, including a 24-month period for Parliament to get involved.

(Edited by Masechaba Sefularo)