Sharon Osbourne needs ‘therapy’ for TV addiction

The ‘X Factor’ judge says she has developed an obsession with watching the British news channels.

‘X Factor’ judge Sharon Osbourne. Picture: Instagram/@sharonosbourne.

Sharon Osbourne has confessed she needs “therapy” for her television addiction.

The X Factor judge - who spends most her time in the US - has been forced to take six weeks off work while she recuperates from a painful back injury and, during that time away from the cameras, has developed an obsession with watching the British news channels.

She explained: “I can’t stop watching the news because of what’s been going on in the world. I just have to watch it every day. The political climate is all crazy everywhere. I watch the English news, I have the BBC on and I’ll have Sky on. I’ve been off work for six weeks with a back injury and all I did was watch the bloody news. I swear to you, I need therapy.”

The 64-year-old TV personality is so fixated on the news that she often lashes out at her husband Ozzy Osbourne - who she married in 1982 - if he talks over the bulletins she’s been waiting for.

She told the Radio Times: “As soon as he sees the news, that’s it. He’s a big fan of the news. He talks the whole time, he never shuts up and I must smack his leg. I’m like: ‘Shhhhh, I’m going to miss it, you’re talking through the piece I’ve been waiting for.”

Meanwhile, Sharon hasn’t just been binge-watching the news while she’s been laid up in bed with her bad back as she’s also been re-watching old series of the period drama Downton Abbey.

She added: “When I was resting my back, I did also watch a lot of old movies, which I love. I rewatched Downton Abbey too. I spend more time in American than Britain but I love British TV.