SACP: Serve the people, not the party – Zuma must resign

The SACP has told members that they must stay clear of political patronage and factionalism within the party or the tripartite alliance and reiterated calls for Zuma's resignation.

The SACP's Western Cape congress underway in Cape Town. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN

CAPE TOWN – South African Communist Party’s (SACP) Solly Mapaila has told members in the Western Cape to serve communities and not the party.

Addressing the SACP's Western Cape congress underway in Cape Town, the second deputy general secretary says members need to stay clear of political patronage and factionalism within the party or the tripartite alliance.

Earlier today, first deputy general secretary Jeremy Cronin slammed looting of government funds by some comrades.

Cronin also used the platform to reiterate a call for President Jacob Zuma's resignation.

Mapaila says the SACP must commit to the working class.

“We are reemphasizing the concept of service to the people, not service to the party. The party is just but an instrument to serve the people – the same (applies to) the African National Congress (ANC), and the Congress of South African Trade Union is the same thing, an instrument to serve workers.”

On the other hand, Cronin says the party has directly raised concerns with Zuma about his links to the Gupta family.

“The president simply doesn’t respond or explains the connection with Guptas and explains it as he is not in business with them, his son is, but that’s problematic – it’s extremely problematic.”


Cronin has supported calls for the establishment of a judicial inquiry into allegations of State Capture, and for President Jacob Zuma to resign.

He's lambasted what he calls the looting of state funds to Dubai.

The secretary did not mince his words, telling the SACP congress that the party wants President Jacob Zuma to step down for the sake of the country.

Cronin says the communist party has on many occasions during alliance meetings directly called on Zuma to resign.
“And in particular a point that we’ve been making in these six asides between officials of the two organisations, we’ve been making the point that he needs to cut his links to the Guptas. We’ve not had joy.”

He also cautioned if the ANC does not act decisively to remove Zuma - it runs the risk of losing power in 2019.