Maties trio to face disciplinary action over Nazi-inspired posters

The three Stellenbosch University students were suspended after the posters sparked outrage.

FILE: Posters at Stellenbosch University, with a heading "The Anglo Afrikaner Student" and a slogan "Fight for Stellenbosch", have caused a stir. Picture: @ForeverShakes/Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - Three Stellenbosch University students face disciplinary action after being accused of putting up Nazi-inspired posters around the campus.

The trio were suspended after the posters sparked outrage.

The posters are almost identical copies of Nazi propaganda used to promote Adolf Hitler's reign.

They called on the Anglo-Afrikaner Student to "Fight for Stellenbosch" under the label "The New Right".

The posters gave details of a gathering at the JS Gericke Library, but the university confirmed the venue was not booked and posters were put up without permission.

The university's Equality Unit investigated the matter.

Spokesperson Martin Viljoen says: “The behaviour and actions of the students in question had a demeaning and humiliating impact and created an intimidating environment at the university.”

University management has vowed to continue the fight against racism and unfair discrimination.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)