Ennerdale residents agree to call off protests after meeting Joburg officials

Johannesburg Council Speaker Vasco de Gama says the agreement gives the metro two weeks to look at the appropriate development for the area.

Violent protests erupted in Ennerdale as angry residents demanded. Picture: Louise McAuliffe/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – Ennerdale residents have agreed to call off their protests after a lengthy meeting with Johannesburg Council Speaker Vasco de Gama on Tuesday night.

Da Gama says the situation is expected to return to normal on Wednesday morning, including schooling.

On Tuesday, protests forced the closure of schools as residents demanded to speak with Mayor Herman Mashaba.

Da Gama says the agreement gives the metro two weeks to look at the appropriate development for the area.

He says protesters have also agreed to clear the roads.

The Speaker says the agreement between Johannesburg and residents will include an investigation into why the province has not been able to provide houses in the area over the past 23 years.

“They have given us two weeks chance to go back and come with a full mayoral team and address the community's concerns.”

He says he has also made a plea to residents.

“We’ve asked the parents and obviously older people to talk to them to stop this unnecessary looting.”

Da Gama also visited Ennerdale on Tuesday night following a separate housing protest.

He says he has taken note of all issues raised and officials in the DA-run City of Joburg are working to resolve them.

WATCH: Ennerdale looters pelt police vehicle with bricks


Several shops were broken into and some looted in Kliptown, Soweto.

There have been running battles involving police and private security there on Tuesday evening.

Ennerdale, Eldorado Park and now Kliptown have been affected by violent protests with residents citing lack of housing.

Law enforcement officials have their hands full trying to clear the area.

Business owner Ilyaas Bahyat said he and other owners are protecting their shops from more looting.

“Their intention is to loot the shops, so far there are about 10 shops that have been broken into here in one day. We did see things happen last week as well and I don’t see the cops.”

He said they will keep an eye on their property through the night.

Some roads are still barricaded with burning tyres and stones, while others have been blocked with tree branches.

Human Settlements Ministry advisor Thami Kaplaatjie said the recent local government elections saw many such promises, including the provision of housing, being made to locals.

He said Mashaba and the minister should work together to find a lasting solution.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)