Vuwani residents hope Zuma will resolve demarcation crisis

Jacob Zuma will visit Vuwani on Sunday to address the public on the decisions taken during a meeting with King Mphephu Ramabulana.

FILE: Residents of Vuwani, escorted by police, make their way into town and to the Municipal Offices on 6 February 2017. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Vuwani residents in Limpopo say they are waiting for President Jacob Zuma’s visit with much anticipation, hoping that he will resolve their long demarcation crisis.

The president will visit the area on Sunday and address the public on the decisions that have been taken during a meeting convened this week at the request of VhaVenda King Mphephu Ramabulana, to discuss the situation at Vuwani.

The area has experienced a long standstill protest, which saw pupils prevented from attending their classes and over 25 schools either vandalised or burnt.

Community leader Nsovo Sambo says they hope President Zuma will reverse the decision to incorporate the area in to a newly formed municipality.

Sambo says they want nothing but to fall under the Makhado Municipality.

“We just hoping for a positive response from him. By addressing this matter, it shows he cares about the people and if he can reverse this particular, decision the everything will be back to normal.”