Fedusa welcomes ruling on reshuffle records

The High Court in Pretoria ruled that Zuma must hand over the record of his decision to the DA within five working days.

FILE: Fedusa logo. Picture: fedusa.org.za

JOHANNESBURG – While the African National Congress (ANC) has strongly condemned the High Court’s ruling that President Jacob Zuma must hand over records related to his cabinet reshuffle, the Federation of Unions of South Africa (Fedusa) has added its voice to those who have welcomed outcome.

The High Court in Pretoria yesterday ruled that Zuma must hand over the record of his decision to the Democratic Alliance within five working days.

The opposition party intends using the record in an application to review the controversial decision.

The ANC says the court ruling amounts to opposition parties using the judiciary to police political decisions and sets a very worrisome precedent.

Fedusa’s Dennis George, however, believes it promotes accountability.

“We believe, as Fedusa, it must be rational – you need to explain to the people why you want to make the change, what the reason for the change is. And you must also be held accountable for the negative consequences.”

Judge Shabier Vally is expected to hand down his full ruling on Tuesday.

(Edited by Masechaba Sefularo)