BLF’s Mngxitama won’t apologise for ‘fascism’ remark

The BLF leader denies calling Joan Fubbs a fascist in Parliament, which resulted in a scuffle.

An altercation broke out between Black First Land First head Andile Mngxitama and Standing Committee on Finance chairperson Yunus Carrim during public hearings on economic transformation on 3 May 2017. Picture: Twitter/@DavidMaynier

CAPE TOWN – Leader of the Black First Land First Movement Andile Mngxitama says there's no need to apologise to Members of Parliament (MPs) for Wednesday’s heated exchange at a public hearing on economic transformation.

Mngxitama has denied calling chairperson of the Trade and Industry committee Joan Fubbs a fascist while answering questions on a presentation he made at a hearing.

He says he took issue with Fubbs asking him to wrap up his remarks because time was running out.

Finance committee chairperson Yunus Carrim then approached Mngxitama's contingent, asking them to leave.

“I said, ‘what fascism is this?’ referring specifically to the idea that MPs were interrupting my input and I was told that I was wasting time. Isn’t that fascism?”

Watch the scuffle below