'Game of Thrones' bosses have tightened script security

Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays Missandei, says bosses have taken precautions to ensure the plots stay top secret.

Nathalie Emmanuel. Picture: Instagram

LONDON - Nathalie Emmanuel says Game of Thrones bosses have tightened security surrounding their scripts to stop people from spoiling the plots.

The 28-year-old actress plays Missandei in the hit HBO fantasy drama series, and has said that since the show overtook the George RR Martin book series upon which it was based, bosses have taken precautions to ensure the plots stay top secret.

She revealed: "They've definitely tightened up who has scripts and how we're given them. You have to look at it digitally. They won't send it to us unless our emails have a two-step verification [security process]. You might get given rehearsal notes on set, but you have to sign for and return them before you leave. If you don't, people will chase you until you give them back!"

Nathalie insists she is "sworn to secrecy" when it comes to the show, and admits a large portion of keeping her job depends on her ability to keep her lips sealed.

Asked about how difficult it was to keep the much-talked-about resurrection of Jon Snow a secret, Nathalie said: "I was obviously sworn to secrecy. I was so sick of people asking me about it. We're not allowed to say but I also wouldn't want to. My friends and family are pretty relaxed and know not to bother me."

Meanwhile, the star - who also recently appeared in The Fate of the Furious, the latest film in the Fast and Furious franchise - has had to come to terms with "getting recognised" in the street.

She said: "What has happened as the result of being in such successful and loved franchises has been incredible. Getting recognised has been a real adjustment, as it can throw you when you're sweaty coming out of yoga and someone asks for a selfie!"

But the beauty doesn't mind meeting her fans, as she understands their need to "express their appreciation".

She told Fabulous magazine: "I used to run away from it, but as the years have gone on I've realised it's people expressing their appreciation of your work or the show you're on."