BLF to approach press ombudsman in defence of Malikane

The movement says a report that Chris Malikane allegedly told people to take up arms to achieve transformation is wrong.

Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG – The Black First Land First Movement says it will lodge a complaint with the press ombudsman over a report involving Chris Malikane.

According to_ News 24_ Malikane, who is technical advisor to the Finance Minister, allegedly told people attending an event organised by the movement that people must take up arms to achieve transformation.

The movement says the report is wrong as Malikane was absolutely clear in his rejection of violence.

The movement’s deputy president Zanele Lwana says, “Instead of engaging proposals that have been put forward by the professor, they went ahead to publish lies and demonise the professor. What we’re going to do as the movement is we’re going to approach the press ombudsman.”

Malikane himself has also dismissed the report.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)