SA journo, Barry Bateman, cooks and Twitter reacts...

We think he should stick to reporting murder trials, and stop "murdering" chicken.


Barry Bateman is a senior reporter at Eyewitness News.
He kept the world up to date on The Oscar Pistorius murder trial, and is the co-author of Behind The Door: the Oscar and Reeva Story.

While Barry has been praised for the way in which he covered the international story on Pistorius, his culinary attempt for Sunday dinner, didn't fare so well.

After posting a picture of the finished meal, labelling it "Sunday shisa nyama", social media took to ridiculing his effort.

His dish has led us to believe that Barry is best at covering murder trials and not "murdering" chicken.

And Twitter agreed with us, Barry definitely felt the burn! (pun intended)

We asked Gordon Ramsay for his opinion... Hopefully he will reply :)

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