Nzimande: Alliance partners must discuss next step on Zuma

SACP general-secretary Blade Nzimande says they are against President Jacob Zuma now because it seems history is repeating itself.

FILE: South African Communist Party (SACP) general secretary Blade Nzimande.

JOHANNESBURG – South African Communist Party (SACP) general-secretary Blade Nzimande says since President Jacob Zuma has ignored the party’s call for him to step down, alliance partners will have to meet to discuss what to do next.

On Thursday, Nzimande spoke at Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu)’s Gauteng provincial shop steward council in Johannesburg.

While addressing supporters at his 75th birthday celebration last week, President Zuma made it clear he had no plans to leave office before the end of his term in two years’ time.

Now Nzimande, whose party has hit out at Zuma accusing him of plunging the country into deep crisis, says there’s a need for another plan.

“We’re going to be engaging the alliance on this matter on what are the next steps now that we’re going to take.”

But Nzimande says anti-Zuma campaigns are not the answer.

“We need campaigns that must change the lives of our people and actually fight against the looting of state resources, whether by monopoly capital or by parasites. That’s where the big battle should be.”

He says Zuma’s continued stay in office is also not good for the African National Congress (ANC).

Nzimande was asked if he regrets leading the anti-Thabo Mbeki campaign that paved the way for Zuma to ascend to power.

“There are many things that we did which I think were correct. If some of them happen again now, like abuse of state organs, we’ll fight that.”

He does admit, though, that they may have made mistakes in that process.

“Maybe we might have made mistakes in the process. And one of the things we’re saying is this one which I’ll repeat... we dealt with the symptoms and never dealt with the fundamental problems. You think you remove an individual and all the problems are solved.”

He says he was against Mbeki at the time because there was insufficient consultation in the movement and because there were factions that captured the organisation.

Nzimande says they are against the current president now because it seems history is repeating itself.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)