Saftu refutes any similarities to Fedusa

Saftu says they're willing to fight in court over allegations that their name is too close to that of Fedusa.

FILE: Fedusa logo. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Federation of Trade Unions says (Saftu) it doesn’t see any similarities between its name and that of the Federation of Trade Unions of South Africa (Fedusa).

However, Fedusa has critisised the name chosen by the new trade union, saying it’s too close to its own and therefore risks damaging its brand.

Fedusa's Dennis George says they’ve written to Saftu, asking for a re-think and are now exploring the possibility of legal action.

But Saftu's Patrick Craven says they're willing to fight Fedusa in court.

“We talk about Cosatu, Natu, Fedusa and now Saftu, all of it sound quite different and nobody could possibly get confused between those four. That is the argument we will put forward, if it would ever come to court, but I hope the Fedusa membership will see sense.”

Saftu, led by former Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi was formally registered with the Labour Department this month.