Still no word from Zuma following Friday marches across SA

President Zuma is expected to speak at Chabane’s unveiling ceremony in Xikundu village in Limpopo this morning.

DA supporters joined the #DAMarch as they marched to Mary Fitzgerald square in Johannesburg against the leadership of President Jacob Zuma on 7 April 2017. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – There is no word from President Jacob Zuma following various marches in many parts of the country calling for him to step down.

The president will today attend the unveiling ceremony of the tombstone of the late Minister of Public Services Collins Chabane who died in a car accident in 2015.

Tens of thousand of people took part in anti-Zuma protests calling on the president to resign

President Zuma is expected to speak at Chabane’s unveiling ceremony in Xikundu village in Limpopo this morning

Chabane, his driver and bodyguard, Lesiba Sekele and Lawrence Lentsoane, were killed in a crash along the N1 near Polokwane.

The truck driver Amukelani Rikhotso was sentenced to six years in jail for causing the crash.

Zuma has not made any comments about the marches on Friday of many voices calling for him to step down.


Thousands of people joined marches across the country on Friday demanding that the president resign.

In the capital, demonstrators who converged on the Union Buildings said the mass turnout has given them hope for the country’s future.

“We’re all standing together regardless of where we come from, what race we are, what sexuality we are… we’re all standing here to protect our country.”

However, MKMVA members and African National Congress (ANC) supporters from KZN, the Free State and Mpumalanga also marched around the party's headquarters in defence of the president.

Although the Democratic Alliance (DA) made it clear it would not be marching to Luthuli House, the day started with MKMVA members in military uniforms forming a barrier around the ANC headquarters with war cries, saying they were defending the building from harm.

Supporters then joined in and made it clear they were willing to protect Zuma with their lives.

“We’re going to defend him with the best tactic we know how even if it takes our blood.”

An altercation then occurred between ANC supporters and anti-Zuma protesters holding a banner saying: “You Must Be Joking”.

They were kicked and punched before police whisked them away.

ANC Youth League leader Collin Maine addressed supporters.

“Zuma is going nowhere until 2019.”

Four ANC supporters were injured and a DA member was seriously injured after being attacked by the ANC supporters.

No arrests were made.

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)