Second tremor hits Gauteng, emergency services on high alert

Officials say a 5.2 magnitude tremor hit the province on Monday evening

FILE: A seismograph takes readings of an earthquake. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg emergency services has confirmed that a second earth tremor has been felt throughout parts of Gauteng on Monday evening.

Officials say a 5.2 magnitude tremor hit the province.

This follows an earlier 4.6 magnitude tremor that affected parts of Gauteng and the North West.

It is unclear whether the trembles were as a result of mining activity.

Emergency service’s Robert Mulaudzi says they are on high alert.

“From our side, we’ve got our disaster management officials throughout the city and they are monitoring any incident which occur.”

Reuters is reporting the 5.2 quake felt on Monday evening hit as far as the Botswana.