SACP: ‘SA being run from the Gupta compound’

The Communist Party has become the first part of the tripartite alliance to say that President Jacob Zuma must now resign.

FILE: President Jacob Zuma rubs his hands together ahead of the swearing in ceremony of his new cabinet on 31 March 2017 in Pretoria. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG/HOUGHTON - The South African Communist Party (SACP) has become the first part of the tripartite alliance to say that President Jacob Zuma must now resign.

The party's politburo came to the decision on Friday night, while also condemning his reshuffle and removal of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan as reckless.

The party says it's outrageous that the worst performer in public continue to enjoy presidential protection.

The SACP says President Zuma's recklessness has provoked widespread concern and anger within the African National Congress (ANC) itself and across all sectors of society.

It goes on to say it's becoming increasingly clear that the country is being run not from the Union Buildings, but from the Gupta compound in Saxonwold.

But the party doesn't want its members of cabinet to resign, which could be an indication they want them to fight on, from their current positions.

The fact the SACP has been ready to make this call so soon after the reshuffle could suggest it's trying to build momentum that will carry other groups with it.

The party says it believes the timing of the reshuffle is linked to a court case involving the Guptas and their need to regain banking facilities.

This move by the SACP could be hugely significant, as it could be the start of more pressure building on Zuma or the beginning of the end of the SACP within the tripartite alliance.


The Nelson Mandela and Ahmed Kathrada Foundations have added their voice to growing calls for president Zuma to step down urging ANC MPs to join a motion of no confidence against the president.

Ahmad Kathrada Foundation director Neeshaan Baltan used the opportunity to call on the country’s civic organisations among others to build a new consensus which will seek to bring together South Africans, demanding accountability and ethical governance.

Balton says among other organisations and political parties, ANC MPs also have a voice in Parliament and they should use it.

“We call on all MPs to unite and support a motion of no confidence.”

Balton says ANC leadership in Parliament should insist that the house be reconvened immediately to debate a motion of no confidence.

At the same time, Balton calls on South Africans to make their views known.

“We call on the people of South Africa in their mass formations to take to the streets and make their views known.”

The briefing came on the one year anniversary of struggle stalwart Ahmed Kathrada’s letter to the president, in which he told the president to consider stepping down.

The icon’s memorial service will be held on Saturday afternoon at the city hall in Johannesburg.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)