Mixed reaction to DJ Fresh’s 'reshuffle' to Metro FM

Some fans have labelled DJ Fresh's move from 5FM a great loss to the station, while others welcomed him to Metro FM.

FILE: DJ Fresh. Picture: Instagram.

JOHANNESBURG – Some fans of Thato ‘DJ Fresh’ Sikwane have reacted with excitement to the news that he will be joining Metro FM as of Monday.

Sikwane made the announcement of the move during 5FM's Rob and Fix show on Friday, saying he was told he’s being redeployed and he would be starting on Metro FM on Monday at 5am.

He says as much as he is sad to leave 5FM after being at the station for over a decade, he has been a big fan of Metro FM since its inception about 30 years ago and it’s about time he did something for himself.

“I think my entire career on radio has always been about anyone else, the management, the team [and] about the collective. I’ve never actually done anything for myself.”

However, not everyone is happy with the move.

Some fans have expressed sadness and disappointment in Sikwane’s redeployment, saying 5FM is losing one of its best DJs.

Some have even compared the move to President Jacob Zuma's Cabinet reshuffle, and other stories making headlines across the country, saying "there is shuffling everywhere".