WC community still reeling after Rene Roman murder bust

Lavender Hill residents were shocked at the arrest of A 50-year-old suspect after the body of 13-year-old Rene Roman was found days after she went missing.

Rene Roman. Picture: facebook.com.

CAPE TOWN – The Lavender Hill community is still reeling from shock after finding out a resident could be behind the murder of 13-year old Rene Roman.

The 50-year old suspect who lives near Roman's parents' house in Montague Village appeared in court on Thursday after police arrested him shortly following the discovery of Roman's body.

Roman's decomposed body had been discovered in St. Agatha Crescent. The girl had been reported missing earlier this month.

Tensions ran high in the area on Thursday when community members tried to attack the suspect who had accompanied detectives to the crime scene.

Lavender Hill Civic Association chairperson Charles Daniels says residents are angry and shocked because the man had been part of the group of community members who'd searched for Roman in the days following her disappearance.

“People are still angry and still have mixed feelings because they wouldn’t have expected that it is a neighbour. They feel that we should prepare that something like this should never happen again.”