Three French schoolchildren hurt in London attack

It’s unclear how serious the injuries of the students, who were on a school trip from Concarneau Lycee in Brittany, are.


LONDON – Three French schoolchildren were hurt in the attack near London's parliament on Wednesday, French officials said.

The three students from the Concarneau Lycee in Brittany, western France, were on a school trip there, a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement.

The statement did not say how serious the injuries were.

A total of 90 students from the school were in London, about a dozen of which were in the area of the attack, an official at the school told Reuters.

"As the centre of London was hit by a cowardly attack, France assures the British people of its solidarity," the foreign ministry statement said, adding that French authorities were in contact with their British counterparts.

A report in Le Telegramme newspaper cited a fellow student who was at the scene of what British police have described as a terrorist incident, saying the three were hit by a car that was involved while walking on Westminster Bridge. One of them landed on the hood of the car, the Telegramme said.

They were aged around 15 or 16,_ Le Telegramme _reported.