Sars fears nothing despite pending probe

The taxman confirmed it had been informed by the finance ministry that the tax ombudsman will be investigating them.

Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG – South African Revenue Service (Sars) says it believes it has nothing to fear from the planned investigation into its processes by tax ombudsman Judge Bernard Ngoepe.

The service on Monday confirmed it had been informed by the finance ministry that Ngoepe had been given permission to investigate processes.

Sars has been accused of holding back tax-refunds to improve its tax collection figures.

The revenue collector has repeatedly denied claims it's been manipulating its figures and says this investigation should end up putting the minds of the public at rest.

Sars's Sandile Memela says they pay thousands of tax refund requests every month.

β€œ93% of those are paid within 72 hours, which tells you that it is less than 7%, when it comes to individuals, that are affected by the delays.”

Sars says it’s ready to cooperate with officials conducting the probe.

Last month, Ngoepe said he felt it was necessary to write directly to Sars Commissioner Tom Moyane because he had received so many complaints about the late payment of tax refunds.