Scarlett Johansson can't be alone

Johansson thinks having a twin brother means she finds it very difficult to be on her own.

Actress Scarlett Johansson. Picture:AFP.

LONDON – Scarlett Johansson, who recently split from husband Romain Dauriac and was previously married to Ryan Reynolds - thinks having a twin brother, Hunter, means she always seeks out the company of others, and she finds it "challenging" being by herself.

The Ghost in the Shell actress - said: "I've realised in the past couple of years that I have never actually been alone. I have always been with somebody. And in those first moments of life, even just the spark of it, having somebody else there must affect one, right?

"Because of that, I'm learning now how to be alone just with myself. But it's challenging. It doesn't mean that I don't feel alone at times or lonely, but I'm realising that I've always had this other half out there."

And the 32-year-old beauty even admitted she's got into some relationships just because she didn't want to be on her own.

She told Event magazine: "It affects all your life, like in my intimate relationships, or how I've chosen people to be with.

"I mean, I've chosen people as a result of not wanting to feel alone - or trying to fill some kind of space, or deal with the way I feel when I am in a crowd or suddenly on my own."

Scarlett - who has two-year-old daughter Rose with Romain - admitted the nature of her job has made her struggle to find a permanent base.

Speaking before the news of her separation from her spouse broke, she said: "I work a lot so I don't really live anywhere for very long periods of time. Sometimes I live in Paris for a couple of months, then I have a job some place and then I come back to New York. I guess my base is New York-ish, 'cos my family is here. But my husband's family is all in Paris so we try to spend a lot of time there also. Especially now that we have Rose."