Mashaba: Joburg can't accommodate undocumented people

The mayor has previously said illegal immigrants were linked to criminal activities in the city.

FILE: Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG – There seems to be confusion among City of Johannesburg officials on how to deal with illegal migrants, with the mayor making it clear again on Friday that they are not welcome in the City, while some officials have made plans to accommodate them.

Earlier on Friday, Mayor Herman Mashaba visited the Kya Sand informal settlement and held a meeting with the business community before doing a walkabout around the area.

The mayor has been blamed by some government ministers and the African National Congress for the recent xenophobic attacks in Pretoria and Jeppestown, where foreign nationals were attacked and foreign-owned shops looted.

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The mayor previously said illegal immigrants were linked to criminal activities in the city.

“People with no documentation are not welcome in the city.”

Mashaba making his message regarding illegal foreign nationals clear again.

According to city officials, Kya Sand is populated by non-nationals, with just over 35,000 people living in the area - and only around 7, 000 foreign nationals documented.

A city official briefed the mayor on the city's plan to accommodate foreign nationals.

“The documented will be relocated to Cosmo and the undocumented we will accommodate them within the walk-ups.”

But the mayor interjected.

“Can I just interject, I made this very clear, unfortunately the City of Johannesburg can't accommodate people undocumented, and this is not negotiable.”

It seems that plan by the city official to accommodate undocumented migrants will be suspended.