Gauteng residents warned of more heavy rainfall this weekend

The SA Weather Service says it anticipates localised flooding over the weekend as thundershowers & heavy rainfall continue.

Flooding at Gillooly's interchange in eastern Johannesburg on 2 March 2017. Picture: Arrive Alive.

JOHANNESBURG – The South African Weather Service says they anticipate localised flooding over the weekend as heavy rainfall is expected to continue.

On Thursday, motorists driving through the Gilooly’s Interchange were impacted by the rainfall.

Affected areas also include Randburg, Roodepoort and Alberton where at least 20 houses have also been affected by the downpours.

Forecaster Dipuo Tawana says, “We’re expecting the chances of rain to be a little bit higher. For Saturday we’re looking at 60% probability of showers and thundershowers. There’s a possibility that we might have localised flooding in places that we expect more rainfall on Saturday. On Sunday we’re expecting a 60% chance of showers and thundershowers.”