City of CT slaps fines on 36 water guzzlers

The fines ranged from R500 to R2,000 and the municipality has threatened to name and shame high water consumers.

Patricia de Lille. Picture: Ilze-Marie Le Roux/EWN.

CAPE TOWN – The City of Cape Town says it has issued 36 fines over the past week to people who've contravened level 3B water restrictions.

The municipality continues to urge the public to save the precious resource and has threatened to name and shame high water consumers.

Fines, which ranged from R500 to R2,000, were issued to residents in various areas, including Strandfontein, Plattekloof, Kuils River, Heideveld, Bellville and Zeekoevlei.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille said the city’s the fines were issued to residents and businesses for various contraventions.

The contraventions include using potable water to wash a vehicle, washing down hard surfaces with a hosepipe, irrigating without permission and outside designated times for garden watering, use of a sprinkler, and water wastage (i.e. leaking taps, pipes, overflowing hot water cylinders).

“It is unacceptable that people are still not adhering to water restrictions. This is unlawful. This abuse of water means that we will all suffer. In terms of naming water abusers, the city will only publish the identities of residents or commercial properties once they have paid a fine or once they have appeared in court in connection with their transgression of Level 3B restrictions.”

The mayor also thanked residents for their water saving efforts.

“During my visit to Pinelands last week, and driving through various areas in Cape Town, I have noticed many dry gardens and this tells me that most residents are working with us to save water.”

She added that some in the commercial sector have been committed to reducing water consumption.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)