Bradley Carnell clarifies reasons for jumping Buccaneers ship

The former Orlando Pirates assistant coach says his decision to leave the club has nothing to with the team's results.

Former Orlando Pirates assistant coach Bradley Carnell. Picture: Twitter - @Bradzc

JOHANNESBURG - Former Orlando Pirates assistant coach Bradley Carnell says his decision to leave the club has nothing to with the team's results or any pressure from management.

In an interview with EWN Sport, Carnell clarifies his reasons for jumping the Buccaneers ship, to further his career abroad.

The former Bafana defender was second in command to Muhsin Ertural before his departure last year and will now be replaced by Harold Legodi who is set to deputise new coach Kjell Jonevret.

Carnell says some of the reasons for his move are personal.

“I must say the decision that I have come to, it’s got nothing to with me hitting the eject button, panic button or what have you. The timing seemed about right now when I got approached. The season so far has no influence of me moving on.”

Carnell says he has every intention of coming back to the club as head coach.

“I told the chairman I will be back one day and head the team as a head coach and take on the responsibility and bring back the success it deserves.”

Carnell says he's gained valuable experience in the PSL that he wants to use abroad.

“So it’s been a gradual progression for me and extremely vital and important learning curves along my path as I am going. I have always nurtured a very close network base overseas so it's great progression for me and I am very excited.”

Carnell says he wasn't pushed out of the club and adds that his relationship with Dr Irvin Khoza is healthy.

“The chairman employed me directly, it wasn’t through any third parties. He and I discussed one on one, face to face when I joined the club and I know the chairman is very loyal to his staff and that was no different. Our relationship was and still is very good, and I value his opinion.”

Carnell says he would have liked to play a bigger role at the club than just being an assistant.

“Obviously I would have loved to have left Pirates on higher success ratings, in terms of the playing and the points and what have you, but like I say my role was always an assistant coach. In terms of full responsibilities I would have maybe liked a bit more responsibility, but that’s just the way it is. Maybe I wasn’t ready just yet to take on the full charge of the team.”

(Edited by Neo Koza)