Nematandani still in the dark over Fifa ban

Former Safa president Kirsten Nematandani has yet to receive the reasons from Fifa regarding his five year ban.

FILE: Former Safa president Kirsten Nematandani.  Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Former South African Football Association (Safa) president Kirsten Nematandani has yet to receive the reasons from Fifa regarding his five-year ban for violating its code of ethics.

Nematandani’s five-year ban is in relation to international friendly matches played in South Africa in 2010 and a case linked to former Safa official Lindile Kika who was banned by Fifa for six years in October last year. However, Fifa have never explained how they reached their verdict.

Nematandani was found guilty of having violated Article 13, 15 and 18 which are general rules of conduct, loyalty and duty of disclosure, cooperation and reporting respectively.

However, since Fifa’s released the statement confirming his ban in December, Nematandani is still in the dark as to why he was banned.

His legal representative Claudio Bollo has told EWN Sport they want to clear his name by means of an appeal but have been unable to do so because of the lack of information.

"We have told them already we noting an appeal against their decision.

“We can’t do an appeal without knowing why is it they found my client to be wrong in the first place. The decision might be, ‘I am banning you for x amount of years, and you seek reasons for that’.”

Bollo says Fifa are under no obligation to send the necessary information, although the ban is in full effect.

“There isn’t a prescribed period on which Fifa has to give the reasons for their decision. We sought those reasons, unfortunately we don’t have them but we’re going to be pressing Fifa because we would like to clear Nematandani’s name.”

Bollo believes the world football governing body could have handled the decision better from the moment the statement was released.

“I don’t personally like that type of delay because it is very unfair to my client (Nematandani). He could be right along, but it takes three, four, five, six months to give you the reasons for the decision. So his appeal is held back and he doesn’t get to clear his name while waiting on Fifa to respond.”

At the same time of Nemantandani’s ban, Fifa also confirmed former Zimbabwean official Jonathan Musavengana and former Togo coach Banna Tchanile were found to have been involved in bribery and corruption and will both serve life bans.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)