‘Molefe paid R60 membership fee to join ANC'

The North West ANC leadership say it was their decision to nominate Brian Molefe and those disputing his membership are not ANC members.

FILE: Brian Molefe.  Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The African National Congress’ (ANC) North West leadership, including the Madibeng executive mayor, say it was their decision to nominate former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe to become a Member of Parliament.

Questions were raised at the weekend after members of the Ward 29 branch in Hartbeespoort Dam said they weren’t aware that Molefe was a member of the branch.

However, the branch’s leadership now says it has been consulted and stands behind Molefe.

The leadership says the branch was established in 2011 and that is when Molefe joined and paid a R60 membership fee.

The regional youth league, women’s league and regional leadership say it was their decision to nominate Molefe and all those disputing his membership are not ANC members.

The youth league's Papi Ratele said: “These forces are external to us at this particular moment that are saying Comrade Molefe is not from this ward.”

However, it has also emerged that Molefe may be a member in Irene, Pretoria, which falls under Gauteng.

Meanwhile, the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (Casac) says the National Assembly has refused to hand over copies of the documents used to nominate Molefe.

The group says that means it’s possible that proper procedure was not followed and that he can’t actually be sworn in.

Casac says there is a section of the Electoral Act that says parties can only change the candidates on a party list during specific times and under specific circumstances but there’s no indication if those circumstances have occurred here.

The group’s Lawson Naidoo says the real problem is that they can’t see the formal nomination documents.

“This lack of transparency is raising suspicion about whether a proper process has indeed been followed in this matter or not.”

(Edited by Winnie Theletsane)