Former British PM Blair to announce bid to reverse Brexit

The former British Prime Minister says those who voted to leave the EU were misinformed.

FILE: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Picture: Supplied

LONDON - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is on Friday expected to announce a new initiative to try and reverse Brexit.

Government is expected to trigger the legal mechanism for the UK to leave the European Union (EU) within weeks, setting off two years of intense negotiations.

The parliament’s House of Lords is also due to vote on the issue soon.

They're calling it the "Blair Switch Project".

But beneath the clever headlines, lies what Blair is calling a new mission to get people to change their minds and to stop Brexit.

Blair is due to deliver an address later on Friday, in which he will argue that those who voted to leave the EU were misinformed, with the real costs only emerging now.

But this may just prove to be mission impossible, given that the House Of Commons has voted through the triggering of article 50, with the support of Labour, and government has announced its plans for a "clean Brexit".

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)