Some Limpopo residents 'not prepared' for Dineo

Some Limpopo residents say they're still not sure how to prepare for the possible flooding tropical storm Dineo is expected to bring.

Strong winds and rain is seen in and around Inhambane, Mozambique as Cyclone Dineo move through the area. Picture: Supplied.

TSHIANDE VILLAGE - Some Limpopo residents say tropical storm Dineo may have been downgraded but they're still not sure how to prepare for the possible flooding it's expected to bring.

Dineo has already lashed parts of Mozambique, killing at least seven people and displacing more than 130,000 others.

It's made landfall in some areas in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, where disaster management officials are on high alert.

After deciding to remain indoors due to persistent overnight rain, residents in Limpopo are slowly returning to their daily activities.

They've told Eyewitness News they are well aware of warnings of possible flooding but say they hope they will not be affected.

One of the residents Livhuwani Matodzi says: “If the storm arrives there’ll be nowhere to go. We just pray that it doesn’t arrive.”

Schools in Limpopo have been closed for the day as the light rain continues to fall.

Authorities say they will remain on alert.

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(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)