More details on why Mayor Herman Mashaba sacked MMC Anthony Still

Still has told EWN he was fired by Mashaba for his refusal to suspend City Power CEO Sicelo Xulu.

FILE: Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg’s former Member of the Mayoral Council (MMC) for Infrastructure Services Anthony Still has told Eyewitness News he was fired by Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba for his refusal to suspend City Power CEO Sicelo Xulu.

On Tuesday, Mashaba announced he was sacking Still because they had a difference of opinion of how to tackle corruption.

Xulu has previously been cleared of several corruption allegations after separate independent investigations.

Still says it’s clear why Mashaba decided to fire him.

“The mayor wanted the MMC suspended while the new investigation starts and the board of City Power, because remember it’s only the board that can suspend him. They had to go through due process before they could do this.”

He says he agrees with the board that there is no need to suspend Xulu at this point.

Still is the first member of the mayoral committee to be fired by Mashaba since he came into office last year.

Councillor Nico de Jager assumed the position from Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning Mashaba released a statement detailing the changes.

“I have sat down with MMC Still and discussed the matter extensively. Unfortunately, we held a difference of opinion on the approach to tackling matters of investigations into alleged fraud and corruption within City Power.

“I am firmly of the view that I require a team of MMCs who share my commitment to tackling matters of alleged fraud and corruption in the City. This is what the residents of our City have demanded and I will remain unapologetic in my commitment to deliver on it."

Mashaba said that De Jager has served as a councillor in the City since 2005.

“MMC De Jager has the tenacity to address the serious issues that plague the delivery of services from city entities that operate under this department. I regard this to be the most important aspect of any candidate for this position. The change that has been required by the voters of Johannesburg requires this kind of tenacity, to which I refer, to deliver it.”

(Edited by Leeto M Khoza)