All for love: South Africans choose their top restaurants for Valentine's Day

Zomato has provided a list of some of the most popular restaurants, as rated by users, for this time of the year.

FILE: A meal prepared by the Test Kitchen in Woodstock. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG – The excessive costs and lavish expectations associated with Valentine’s Day have probably made the event less appealing for some.

If you are however looking to treat yourself, a partner or buy your way to someone’s heart before the end of the day, food and good wine is always the better option.

Zomato has provided a list of some of the most popular restaurants at this time of the year.

The online guide to some of your best restaurants says it’s seen a significant increase in page views leading up to the day.

Marketing manager, Cara Hedding says: “Traffic increases significantly because people are obviously looking for romantic places to go. We also have a Valentine’s Day collection highlighting Valentine’s Day specials in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as a ‘Romantic Collection’. In the last two weeks, we have had 3,000 page views alone on the Valentine ’s Day special restaurant page collections and the romantic collections has just under 9,000 views in Johannesburg so there is definitely a want and a need for people to go to these places.”

The top user-rated restaurants located in Cape Town and Johannesburg are sitting at a rating of 4.5/5.

Top-rated restaurants in Johannesburg

  1. Gemelli, Bryanston

  2. Cube Tasting Kitchen, Parktown

  3. Urbanologi, Marshalltown

  4. DW Eleven – 13, Dunkeld West

  5. Café Del Sol Botanico, Bryanston ; Cafe Del Sol, Olivedale; Café Del Sol Tre, Randburg

Top-rated restaurants in Cape Town

  1. The Pot Luck Club, Woodstock

  2. Warrick Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

  3. The Test Kitchen, Woodstock

  4. La Colombe, Constantia

  5. The Velvet Cake Company, Rosenpark

Explaining what makes these restaurants the perfect setting, Hedding says: “These are top five user-rated restaurants, so everything from the ambiance, the experience, value for money and service, all of these play into why they are the top-rated.”

How are you spending your Valentine's Day?