Uber drivers aim to raise awareness following attacks

Drivers say they want to bring awareness about the violence they face on a daily basis.

Uber drivers dressed in reflector jackets gathered in Marlboro where they made posters with anti-violence slogans on 11 February 2017. Picture: Queenin Masuabi/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Uber drivers gathered in Marlboro on Saturday to hold an awareness drive around the ongoing intimidation Uber partners allegedly experience by meter taxi drivers.

The drivers say security guards employed by the company have made no difference because they are still being attacked at various locations, like the park Gautrain station and various malls in the city.

Drivers falling under a group known as "The Movement" say they are tired of the ongoing violence, and they're calling for an end to the use of the cash payment plan which was introduced by the company last year.

Driver representative Zweli Ngwenya says: “We would like to see Uber engaging with us and sharing ideas on how we can win this battle with meter taxis.”

Meanwhile, Uber says they are committed to ensuring the safety of drivers and that all operators are provided with a security number that they can use to report any incidents.

Uber also says that drivers do have their own voice and choice.

When asked about why they only want to speak to drivers individually and not as a collective, the hail service says that Uber South Africa drivers are diverse and that it would be difficult to liaise with a group that does not represent all drivers.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)