CT residents on stricter water restrictions

Level 3B water restrictions have now been imposed as dam reach crisis levels.

Picture: Freeimages.com.

CAPE TOWN - Capetonains will have to watch their water consumption even more closely with intensified restrictions coming into place.

Level 3B water restrictions have now been imposed as dams reach crisis levels.

Under these new curbs, the watering of gardens is only allowed on Tuesdays and Saturdays before 9am and after 6pm for a maximum of one hour per property per day.

The washing of vehicles or boats using potable water is prohibited as is the use of hosepipe and sprinkler systems.

The City of Cape Town’s Xanthea Limberg said: “It is not the time to relax your efforts and to become complacent. We really need those great water ambassadors to continue to work with us and to save water. The key intervention, however, remains reducing consumption.”

The City of Cape Town says households with water usage levels exceeding 50 kilolitres of water per month could face fines if they don't start conserving water.

The municipality has identified close to 20,000 households who are using more than the stipulated amount per month.

The city says it will continue to implement its plans to reduce high water consumption, which include repairing underground water leaks, replacing aging water mains and introducing the stepped tariff billing system, among others.

Residents can report water wastage via email or visit the city’s website for more information.

(Edited by Winnie Theletsane)