Cape Hotel finds creative way to save water

The Townhouse Hotel has placed buckets in each room which they are encouraging guests to place in the shower to allow for water to be recycled .

Staff at Townhouse Hotel use shower water in their gardens. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG – The Townhouse Hotel, in Cape Town, has included buckets in each of its room and is encouraging guests to shower with a bucket.

The excess water collected in the bucket is then used to water the garden areas and trees around the hotel.

Manager Jacqueline Williams says all 107 rooms now have a bucket and a room card explaining what it is for.

“Guests are enthusiastic about the programme and we’ve even had a few suggestions from them on how to maximise our efforts.”

This is in a bid to help alleviate the pressure of dropping water levels in Cape Town.

The City of Cape Town said earlier on Tuesday that dam levels are effectively sitting at 29%.

The municipality has again urged residents to cut their consumption as it prepares to further heighten water restrictions from 1 February.

Williams says she hopes the shower buckets will prompt staff to institute similar initiatives at home and in their communities.

“We are committed to eco-friendly systems and practices, and the shower bucket project is a visible illustration of these values.”