Gigi Hadid reveals what she loves most about Zayn Malik

The 21-year-old model has opened up about her personal life in a cover interview for 'British Vogue' magazine.

A selfie shows Gigi Hadid with Zayn Malik. Picture:

LOS ANGELES - Gigi Hadid has confessed her perfect date night with Zayn Malik is a night in with movies and coffee.

The 21-year-old model likes to keep her evenings with the former One Direction singer casual as she's always so tired from all the travelling around the world for her job.

In a cover interview for British Vogue magazine, she shared: "When I'm in Los Angeles I mostly stay in because it's my time off and I like being with my boyfriend and doing art and cooking.

"We like late-night movies and we order from this amazing place that does lattes and gingerbread cookies. I need coffee to stay up.

"I'm always like, 'Babe, let's go to a movie.' Then I fall asleep halfway through and he's like, 'You've seen the first half of every movie out there and you have no idea how any of them end.'"

Meanwhile, Hadid previously confessed she and Malik are "each others' best friends".

Asked what she finds most attractive about her boyfriend, she said: "I would say his brain. For the first time, we are both in a relationship where we have very similar interests outside of work and that is really important.

"We cook a lot together and do art together and we're each others' best friends. We both feel we can talk about anything and learn a lot from one another."

And Malik has had a big influence on his girlfriend's food habits.

She added: "I'm also getting super into British foods. I'm loving Heinz baked beans in the morning, yeah and Z cooks a lot. He makes a brilliant curry. Butter chicken is his signature dish. Don't worry - he's representing good for the British boys!"

Hadid is thankful to have such a good group of celebrity friends and relies on them for advice.

She shared: "Yeah it is definitely, between us, an open conversation. The reason you become so close to people in the industry is that they understand what it is that you are experiencing.

"We all teach and learn from one another. If you have a question about privacy, for example, everyone is super helpful about it."