Adrian Lackay: Commissioner Moyane accused me of a conspiracy

The former SA Revenue Service spokesperson has also testified that important information was purposely withheld from him.

Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - Former South African Revenue Service (Sars) spokesperson Adrian Lackay has testified that important information was purposely withheld from him, adding that Commissioner Thomas Moyane accused him of a conspiracy.

Lackay has been testifying before the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CMMA) and claims he was forced to resign in 2015, citing untenable working conditions under Moyane.

He maintains that the way he dealt with the allegations of a so-called rogue unit played a part in why he was side-lined by senior management.

Lackay says when questions were raised about the establishment of a spy unit in 2008, Sars and former commissioner Pravin Gordhan gave him the go-ahead to refute allegations that the unit had been established illegally.

When a newspaper article claimed there was a rogue unit operating within Sars in 2014, he referred back to his initial response and wanted to update newly appointed Moyane on the situation.

But Lackay was not informed that the Sikhakhane report had already found that the unit was established illegally.

“A newspaper being in possession of some parts or the entire report ... and I have to answer media enquiries without any knowledge.”

Lackay also claims Moyane accused him of conspiring against him, when in fact he felt he was privy to relevant information needed to do his job as spokesperson.

The hearing is expected to continue on Tuesday.